Meet Parm Gill

Parm’s extensive experience in public office, both federally as MP and provincially as an MPP, demonstrates his commitment to serving his constituents diligently. Parm was appointed by the Prime Minister as Parliamentary Secretary for International Trade and Veterans Affairs, coupled with his appointment to key standing committees in the House of Commons such as Public Safety and National Defence which showcase his expertise and knowledge of various policy areas. 

In 2018, Parm was elected as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Milton. While serving as an MPP, Parm was appointed as Ontario’s first Minister of Red Tape Reduction, where he focused on making it easier and cost effective to start, build and scale a business in Ontario. Prior to that, he served as Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism and Chair of the Standing Committee on Justice. 

Parm’s background in family businesses, along with an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, enriches his understanding of both public service and private sector challenges. Currently residing in Milton with his wife and three children, Parm continues to bring a wealth of experience to his community.